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Main purpose of the Institute is to carry fundamental and applicative researches in marine biology, oceanography, marine geology and ecology out.

Main scientific activities of the Institute are:

  • studying of current state and dynamics of ecosystems, patterns of biological productivity processes of Nordic and others Russian Seas;
  • examining of oceanic periglacial role in shelf and Arctic marine ecosystem evolution;
  • studying of benthos, plankton, marine fish, birds and mammals biology and ecology in the northern seas;
  • identifying physiology and biochemistry features of aquatic organisms, adaptation processes in the Arctic, cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating their activity;
  • determining levels and dynamics of marine environment and biota chemical and radiation pollution;
  • creation of methodology and methods for environmental assessment and impact assessment of the Arctic shelf resource development onto the environment;
  • creation of new information technologies and databases on oceanography, hydrobiology, radio-ecological monitoring of the western Arctic Seas;
  • development of biotechnology polar mariculture, scientific principles of rational usage and protection of biological resources of the northern seas of Russia.