MMBI's Publications 2016

Transactions of the Kola Science Center. Oceanology. - Series 3. - Apatity: Publishing house KSC RAS, 2016. - 2/2016 (36). - 282 p. - ISBN 978-5-91137-316-0; ISSN 2307-5252

Within the framework of KSC RAS periodical publication " Transactions of the Kola Science Center " the Institute prepared and published the third issue of "Oceanology" series devoted to hydrobiological studies of the standard hydrological section "Kola Meridian" - a unique polygon for more than a century of hydrobiological parameters observations of water masses and state of marine biota basic components. There are 14 scientific articles in the Transactions.





Arctic Hydrobiology as the basis of modern technologies for industry, medicine, agriculture: a collection of selected texts / [responsible ed. acad. G.G. Matishov]; Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS. – Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publishing, 2016. - 640 p. - ISBN 978-5-4358-0140-8

The collection is devoted to cultivation problems of hydrobionts various kinds and technologies of their complex processing.
The book includes separate chapters of preprints, articles, monographs and other scientific publications that have a practical focus, published in the late twentieth - early twenty-first century in small print runs. The technology of various species aquaculture of marine and migratory fish, mollusks, crabs, algae, as well as methods for complex processing of algae and shells of crustaceans, are patented by MMBI staff.
The purpose of publication is to show that the priority of research and development in the field of Arctic aquaculture and biotechnology belongs to Russian scientists, as well as to attract the attention of biology scientists, biotechnologists and entrepreneurs developing production in this direction, and all those who are interested in the introduction of scientific developments into practice, to problems and opportunities of modern aquaculture.

Matishov G.G., Makarevich P.R., Moiseev D.V. Climate and large marine ecosystems in the Arctic: report to the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, May 24, 2016 / G.G. Matishov, P.R. Makarevich, D.V. Moiseyev; Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS; Southern Scientific Center RAS. – Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publishing, 2016. - 96 p. - ISBN 978-5-4358-0139-2

Marine ecosystems in the Arctic are one of the most sensitive indicators of global climate change. Their response to climatic anomalies depends on bioresource potential of the Arctic seas and ecological safety of marine activities in waters of the Northern Sea Route.
Modern natural processes in the Arctic are evaluated from the position of the theory of large marine ecosystems (LME), which are considered as a unity of marine environment and biota, taking into account totality of external climatic and anthropogenic influences. The necessity of technical updating and optimization of complex monitoring of LME, including its biological, ecological and socio-economic components is noted.
For specialists in oceanology, marine biology, ecology, socioeconomics, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in the impact of climate change on natural conditions and socio-economic characteristics of marine ecosystems in the Arctic.


XIII All-Russia scientific conference with international engagement «Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore» Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore: materials of All-Russia scientific conference with international engagement (Murmansk, November 2-4, 2016). Issue. 13; [under Ed. G.G. Matishov and G.A. Tarasov]. – Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publishing, 2016. - 424 p. - ISBN 978-5-4358-0137-8

The collection contains materials of the 13th XIII All-Russia scientific conference with international engagement «Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore» (Murmansk, November 2-4, 2016), conducted by Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS.

The publication is of interest to a wide range of specialists: oceanologists, hydrometeorologists, hydrobiologists, botanists, geologists, geophysicists, archeologists, glaciologists, as well as students and teachers of higher education.



Environment and people. Modern Problems of Genetics, Selection and Biotechnology: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference and the Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates in Memory of Corresponding Member of RAS D.G. Matishov (Rostov-on-Don, Russia, September 5-8, 2016) / [Editor-in-Chief acad. G.G. Matishov]. – Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publishing, 2016. - 592 p. [col. ill.]. - ISBN 978-5-4358-0136-1

The collection is dedicated to the memory of Corr. RAS, Dmitry G. Matishov, a well-known in the country and abroad specialist in marine science, one of the radiation ecological oceanology founders. The collection contains results of research on most relevant key areas in world science: global and regional effects of climate change; problems of studying and developing the World Ocean; problems of conservation and use of water resources; transformation of biota under the influence of natural processes and radioactive contamination; modern problems of genetics, breeding and biotechnology; modeling of hydrological processes in the Azov Sea and forecasting of dangerous natural phenomena; new biomedical technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of ecologically dependent diseases.
The publication is of interest to a wide range of researchers: geographers, oceanographers, ecologists, biologists, geneticists, physicians, environmental monitoring specialists, representatives of environmental organizations, as well as students and teachers of higher education.

Perspective directions in investigations of ecosystems of the Russia's Arctic and southern seas: Proceedings of the XXXIV Conference for Young Scientists dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the birth of RAS correspondent-member Dmitry G. Matishov; [Ed. by D. V. Moiseev]; Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS. – Murmansk: MMBI KSC RAS, 2016. – 112 p.

This publication presents results of studies conducted by young scientists at the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute (MMBI), Polar Research Institute of Marine Fishery and Oceanography (PINRO), Murmansk Arctic State University (MAGU), and Murmansk State Technical University (MGTU). Papers submitted are devoted to different aspects of studying marine ecosystems: hydrologic and hydrochemical processes, sedimentation, distribution of man-made radionuclides, species composition and distribution of benthic organisms, physiology of brown algae, and behavior of marine mammals.