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Ecologic and evolutionary research on marine organisms and ecosystems: Proceedings of the XIV international scientific conference for students and post-graduates "Problems of the Arctic region". Volume I. Forum for young scientists devoted to a 100-year anniversary of Y.I. Polyansky’s (XXXII annual meeting for young scientists at the MMBI), (Murmansk, May 2014). - Murmansk: MMBI KSC RAS, 2014. - 162 p.

This publication contains proceedings of the forum for young scientists devoted to a 100- year anniversary celebration of Y.I. Polyansky’s birth, an outstanding researcher in evolution, morphology, physiology, and parasitology. Among the participants of the forum are young scientists and post-graduates at marine, biologic, and fisheries research institutes and educational institutions of Russia. The proceedings contain results of field and experimental studies in oceanography, hydrobiology, and ecology carried out in the Northern Atlantic, the western sector of the Russian Arctic, and Russia’s Pacific Region. Subjects of reports cover a wide range of oceanographic, hydrobiological and environmental problems.


Challenges for the Arctic Region. Proceedings of the XIV International Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates. Vol. II. Forum for Students and Post-graduates. Theses of reports. (Murmansk, May 2014). – Murmansk: MMBI KSC RAS, 2014. – 150 p.

This publication contains proceedings of the XIV International Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates «Challenges for the Arctic Region». Among the authors are students at different institutions of higher education of Russia including base faculties for the Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Papers submitted by the participants are devoted to biological, medical, environmental, physics, technical, economic and social aspects of challenges that are faced by the Arctic Region.




Matishov, G.G., Berdnikov, S.V., Zhichkin, A.P., et al. (2014). Atlas of Climatic Changes in Large Marine Ecosystems of the Northern Hemisphere (1873–2013). Region 1. The Eastern Arctic Seas. Region 2. The Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, and the Caspian Sea. Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publishers. 256 pages. ISBN 978-5-4358-0080-7. UDC 551.582(084.4)

Authors: Matishov, G.G., Berdnikov, S.V., Zhichkin, A.P., Makarevich, P.R., Dzhenyuk, S.L., Kulygin, V.V., Yaitskaya, N.A., Povazhniy, V.V., Sheverdyaev, I.V., Kumpan, S.V., Tret’yakova, I.A., Tsygankova, A. E.






Foraminifers in bottom sediments of the Western Arctic Seas / I.A. Pogodina; [responsible ed. G.A. Tarasov]; MMBI KSC RAS. - Apatity: Publ. KSC RAS, 2014. - 192 p. ISBN 978-5-91 137-257-6

Results of a micro-palaeontological study of the Western Arctic Seas bottom sediments, performed with the help of foraminifer’s analysis, are presented. The species and quantitative distribution of modern benthic foraminifera have been studied, some taxa used for paleontological reconstructions have been refined. Taxa morphology, which has the most important stratigraphic significance, are described. Communities of benthic foraminifera in sediments of individual stages of late Quaternary time - the last interglacial period, glaciation and transitional conditions from glaciation to Holocene - are identified. The stratigraphic dismemberment of bottom sediments columns and cores drilling by foraminifera was performed. The microfauna substantiation of stratigraphic dismemberment, correlation of the Upper Quaternary sediments of the Barents Sea and paleoecological conditions reconstructed on the basis of obtained data are presented for the late Quaternary period.

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Murmansk coast (geological-geomorphological and climatic features, modern geological processes) / M.V. Mityaev; [Edited by L.G. Pavlov]; Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS.- Apatity: Publ. KSC RAS, 2014. - 226 p.

ISBN 978-5-91137-269-9

The book characterizes climate, geological and geomorphological structure, landscapes of the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea. Data on watercourses and lakes located on the coast are given. The destruction rate of coarse bedrock in the littoral zone of the sea clastic material and sedimentation rate in lakes and bays are estimated. Seismicity of the territory and modern rates of territory elevation are described. Data on bays lithodynamics, material and physicomechanical composition of sedimentary material participating in the vertical flow of matter in the coastal zone are given.





Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference (Murmansk, November 6-8, 2014). Volume 12. - Moscow: GEOS, 2014. 378 p. ISBN 978-5-89118-668-2

The collection presents materials of the 12th international conference "Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore" organized by Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS in November 2014. The collection is of interest to a wide range of specialists: oceanologists, hydrometeorologists, hydrobiologists, botanists, geologists, geophysicists, archeologists, glaciologists, as well as students and teachers of higher education.






Symbiots of crabs’ commercial species in the Okhotsk and Barents seas. G.G. Matishov, I.V. Karmanova, A.G. Dvoretsky, S.Y. Utevsky; [responsible ed. D.G. Ishkulov]; MMBI KSC RAS. - Rostov-on-Don: Publ. SSC RAS, 2014. - 276 p. ISBN 978-5-4358-0097-5

Data on pathogenic parasites species and other organisms encountered in commercial species of crabs of the Okhotsk and Barents Seas are presented. Data on biology, distribution, and abundance of crabs in the seas, systematics, and description of crab symbiotes, indices of parasite infestation and symbiont populations are presented. Ecology of symbionts is described and reasons for the decrease in the number of crabs in natural populations are analyzed.






Comprehensive Arctic research on the Northern Sea Route on nuclear icebreakers (20 years of MMBI experience) / G.G. Matishov, Y.A. Badanin, A.A. Deryabin et al. – Rostov-on-Don: Publ. SSC RAS, 2014. - 96 p. ISBN 978-5-4358-0095-1

The preprint was prepared based on results of integral ecosystem research conducted by MMBI on the Northern Sea Route, which has been done since 1996 to the present. Scientific results of the expedition made at the diesel-electric ship "Norilsk Nickel" in April-May 2014 are based on data from hydrological sounding, ornithological and theriological observations. A separate section of the preprint is devoted to methods and results of research on a polar bear occupying a key position in ecosystems of the polar seas. For specialists in fields of marine biology, polar oceanography, ecology, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in modern studies of marine Arctic nature.





Marine ecosystems and communities in the context of modern climate change / [responsible ed. G.G. Matishov]; MMBI KSC RAS. St. Petersburg: Renome, 2014. - 456 p. ISBN 978-5-91918-488-1

Various aspects of ecosystems of Arctic environment state, southern and Far Eastern biological communities, or indirectly related to climatic dynamics, are considered. Oceanological processes of recent years, due to special circulation are studied. Characteristic of the current state of marine environment chemical pollution in the Arctic is given. New data on structure and functioning of plankton and benthic communities, ichthyo- and avifauna of the Arctic seas are presented. Population dynamics of the Kamchatka crab, the invader species in the Barents Sea, is considered. Results of aquaculture new eruption in the southern seas, biomonitoring of marine ecosystems and licking of oceanological processes are presented. For scientific workers - oceanologists and hydrobiologists, specialists in marine environmental management, students, and post-graduate students. Pic. - 137, tabl. - 59 + 2 (adj.), Bibliograf. - 742.




Challenges for the Arctic Region: Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates. Murmansk, May 2014. – Murmansk, MMBI KSC

RAS, 2014. – 240 p.

This book contains papers submitted by the participants of the Fourteenth International Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates «Challenges for the Arctic Region» and recognized the best by the scientific committee of the meeting. The papers were submitted by students and postgraduates at institutions of higher education situated in Murmansk Oblast and North-West Russia. The papers are devoted to studies carried out in different fields of science: biology, medicine, ecology, physics, and socio-economics.




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