Proceedings of N.M. Adrov
Adrov Nikolai Mikhailovich (born 10.19.1946). He graduated from the Faculty of Oceanology of the Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute (1975). Ph.D. ("Transformation of the water masses of the Gulf Stream," 1984). He has been working in Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS since 1990 as senior researcher in position of Head of laboratory, and since 1992 as leading researcher in Oceanography Department. He participated in PINRO expeditions on ships of Tralflot, Murmanrybprom and Sevrybpromrazvedka in the North Atlantic and Arctic (1964-1979). He post-graduated from Institute of Oceanology USSR Academy of Sciences in 1984 and investigated the relationship between physical and hydrochemical characteristics of ocean waters for indirect estimates of energy expenditure and metabolism in the "ocean-atmosphere-biosphere" system. He introduced the concept of vector thermohaline and thermo oxygenic diagrams and estimated the value of mass-energy transfer between water masses of various origins and atmosphere. He developed a method for calculating the contributions of advective and convective components of the transformation of water masses on the basis of scattering diagrams and thermo oxygenic thermohaline indices, and proposed method of of the physical and biological components of the dissolved oxygen deficit observed in oceanosphere calculation. He also proposed classification of ocean waters on structural and climatic characteristics and developed general theory of water masses, aimed at solving climate and forecasting issues. He took part in an international project GODAR and development of Marine Atlas (Washington, DC, 1998, 2000). He is the author of history and methodology of marine research. He uses results researches and calculations for teaching at Pedagogical and Technical University of Murmansk.