MMBI's Publications 2008


Kudryavtseva O.U. Lumpfish of the Barents Sea and surrounding waters
Moscow: Nauka, 2008. 164 p. ISBN 978-5-02-036128-7

The monograph summarizes biological and economic usage date of lumpfish, a little-known species of fish in the North Atlantic. A comparative morphometric analysis of individuals from different parts of the areal (the Barents, the White and the Baltic Seas) was carried with the use of modern statistical and mathematical methods. The analysis laid the foundation of lumpfish intraspecific differentiation into separate populations.

The publication focuses on the results of long-term researches of biology major aspects and structure of the Barents Sea prospective to fishing lumpfish population. The obtained data can form a basis for the environmental protection measures development and basis for effective and efficient fishing, and may also be used for modeling of biological processes and functional relationships in the Barents and the White Seas ecosystems. The book is designed for ichthyologists, zoologists, specialists of fishing industry.
Lubin O.S., Sayapin V.V. Amphipods (Amphipoda, Gammaridea) from different geographical regions: species composition, distribution, ecology.
Apatity: KSC RAS, 2008. 182 p.

The results of fauna amphipods long-term researches (Amphipoda, Gammaridea) in the southwestern part of the Kara Sea and the lower Don river basin were generalized and given. A brief history of amphipods research in the Kara Sea and the Lower Don river region was presented. According to the original materials and literature the lists of amphipod species in these regions were given. The distribution of specific amphipods species and their morphometric characteristics, reproductive capabilities were described.

Images and a brief description of important taxonomic characters of the external structure of first encountered species in the research area or having some morphological differences from the original forms were given. The maps of many species distribution were formed on the base of original researches. The peculiarities of the quantitative amphipods distribution, the most significant environment factors, history and the fauna peculiarities of the Lower Don river region, as well as changes of species composition and amphipods abundance, occurred under the influence of anthropogenic impact recently were discussed. The book is intended for zoologists and hydrobiologists, as well as for undergraduate and graduate students.
Matishov G.G. Matishov D.G., Ponomarev E.N., Sorokina M.N., Kazarnikova A.V., Kovalenko M.V. Basics of sturgeon culture in a closed water supply conditions for farming
Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publ., 2008. 112 p.

Using scientific and practical results for organizing the production of highly marketable delicacy sturgeon production in every farm type (farm, industrial and factory) were described.

Materials are of great interest to ichthyologists, ecologists, physiologists, ichthyopathologists, fish-farmers, as well as for undergraduate and graduate students and other professionals interested in issues of modern industrial aquaculture.
Biology and physiology of the red king crab in the Barents Sea coasts /[resp. editor. academician of RAS G.G. Matishov]; MMBI KSC RAS.
Apatity: Issue of KSC, 2008. 170 p. ISBN 978-5-91137-051-0

New biology physiology data of the red king crab in the coastal zone of the Barents Sea were analyzed and summarized. Particular attention to the current population state in the bays was given. New symbionts information and fouls of king crab, trophic linkages and impact on benthic biocenosis were presented. Experimental researches results of physical activity and heart king crab in different ranges of temperature, the role of the endocrine system in the activity regulation were given for the first time.

The book is intended for scientists, employees of fishery organizations, students and university professors.

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Antipov N.P., Bondarenko G.E., Bordovskaya T.S., Shipilov E.V., Anadyrskiy (the North-East of Eurasia, the coast of the Bering sea): geology, tectonic evolution and oil-and-gas potential
Apatity: KSC RAS Publ. 2008. 53 p.

An attempt to synthesize tectonic evolution knowledge, sedimentary environments of the Anadyr deep and published data on the base of geological, oil and gas exploration was conducted. Results obtained by the authors during field research in the Chukotka Peninsula were comprehended in the new geological and structural data context.

The largest prospects of finding new oil and gas fields associated with the southern part of the Anadyr deep. There is probably the detection of industrial hydrocarbon accumulations in the upper cretaceous, Eocene and upper Oligocene Miocene reservoirs, localized in the under thrust type structural -lithologic traps.
The Azov Sea at the end of XX - beginning of XXI century: geomorphology, sedimentation, pelagic communities
Apatity: Issue of, 2008. 295 p.

Current ecosystem knowledge level of the Azov Sea, as soon as the new conceptions of sea bottom structure, sediment accumulation processes were given.

Contemporary trends of climate changes and anthropogenic factors impact on the sea ecosystem were analyzed. Processes controlling sea productivity, particularities of functioning of auto-and heterotrophic plankton communities were considered. New species diversity of phytoplankton and phyto- and ciliatoplanktona of the Azov Sea date were presented. The book is intended for a wide range of specialists, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.
Climatic Atlas of the Sea of Azov /Matishov G., Matishov D., Gargopa Yu., Dashkevich L., Berdnikov S., Kulygin V., Arkhipova O., Chikin A., Shbas I., Baranova O., Smolyar I.
International Ocean Atlas and Information Series, Volume 11, NOAA Atlas NESDIS 65. Silver Spring: World Data Center for Oceanography, 2008. 148 p.

Atlas contains primary oceanographic data presented on CD-ROM and on the web page: In 1891-2006 years data were collected by specialists of the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Fisheries and the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia in the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait. The annual monthly maps of data distribution, monthly climatic vertical sections of temperature and salinity and climatic temperature and salinity maps at the surface and depths of 5 and 10 meters were indicated. A three-dimensional hydrodynamic model applied to the Azov Sea was considered. To estimate the model adequacy a comparison of climate salinity fields with climate fields calculated based on the model was conducted. In terms of describing the trends of climate change in the region interannual temperature changes and air in the Azov Sea adjacent areas for the period 1885-2006 were discussed.

The atlas contains rare electronic books and articles on the history of development of the Azov Sea, climate studying, as well as pictures describing the nature and history of the region.