MMBI's Publications 2007


Integrated researches of processes, characteristics and resources of Russian seas of the North-European Basin (subprogram draft «Nature of the World Ocean research» of Federal Target Program "World Ocean"). Issue 2.
Apatity. KSC RAS Publ., 2007. 633 p. ISBN 5-91137-002-6

New research results of the same name project subprogram "Nature of the World Ocean research" FTP "The World Ocean" were represented. The current state characteristic of the marine environment and ecosystems in the Barents Sea, the White and the Baltic seas was given. The results of calculating the commercial fish populations’ dynamics in the Barents Sea were described on basis of model ecosystem; the new climate data, hydro-physical fields and water dynamics, some regularities in the fields formation of oceanographic characteristics were observed; estimates of its current anomalies were given. The regularities of oil, gas potential and diamond shelves formation were observed on the basis of the results of geological and geo-environmental researches; influence of lithodynamic processes on the pollution of seas levels were assessed.

Marine biocenosis integrated researches at different levels of its organization were conducted. Phytoplankton and zooplankton, benthos, algae, fish fauna communities information were collected during the marine expeditions in the period 2004-2005. The estimates of pollution levels in the Barents and the Baltic seas were conducted on the results of chemical and radiation monitoring with the use of bioindication. The analysis of eutrophication processes in the open and coastal areas of the Baltic Sea was conducted. The book can be useful to a wide range of professionals involved in oceanographic researches of north-western seas, in the marine management organization and the marine environment protection.
Biology and oceanography of the Northern Sea Route
Moscow: Nauka, 2007. - 323 p. ISBN 978-5-02-035611-5

The multi-authored monograph provides a brief history of researches related to the Northern Sea Route development. The current state of the environment and biota from bacterioplankton to birds, marine mammals and polar bears were described. Oceanographic and biological processes in the winter-spring period under Arctic sea ice thickness were considered for the first time. The obtained results are fundamentally change the existing concept of the bio-productivity formation of the Arctic seas, significantly bring up to data on the marine birds biology insitu in the high sea, area and ecology of marine mammals and polar bears as indicators of ecosystem changes influenced by climatic and anthropogenic factors.

Considerable attention is paid to chemical and radiation pollution of the seas along the Northern Sea Route and the Arctic air masses. The book is oriented on marine biologists, oceanographers, ecologists, students and graduate students, scientific and production institutions and industrial enterprises specialists.
Karamushko L.I. Fish bioenergy of the northern seas
Moscow: Nauka, 2007. 253 p. ISBN 5-02-034157-6

The monograph is a data summary of the bioenergetics characteristics of Arctic and boreal species of the northern seas. The main regulatory mechanisms of metabolic rate under the influence of temperature in different types of thermal reactions were identified on the basis of our own and literary materials.

Comparative analysis of the metabolic rate and the individual forms correlation of Arctic fish and fish from different climatic zones of the oceans were conducted; the efficiency of the substance production (coefficient K2) of investigated fish in different temperatures was detected; Links of bioenergy specifics fish of the northern seas with the growth and reproduction processes was observed.
Experimental researches of marine mammals in the Kola Bay
Apatity. Kola Science Centre Publ. 2007. 254 p.

The results of long-term behavioral, biomedical and physiological researches of marine mammals are presented in this book. Theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of marine mammals behavior and training researches were described. The results of the study opportunities for Arctic seal antiterrorist protection of naval bases were given. The issues of providing full life activity in aquacomplex conditions, physiological and functional status control, pinnipeds diseases prevention and treatment were considered. The results of evaluation of electrophysiological, biochemical, hematological, and behavioral parameters of marine mammals in the experimental conditions of oceanarium and marine polygon were discussed.

The book can be useful to marine biologists, ecologists, ethologists, aquariums specialists, lecturers and university students.
Matishov G.G., Kavtsevich N.N., Mikhailyuk A.L. Training experience and usage of marine mammals to protect strategic facilities from terrorist actions
Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publ., 2007. 128 p.

The basic scientific researches and applied work with the Arctic marine mammals, summarizing more than 20 years of MMBI expertise were given in bright illustrative form. Aspects of animals coaching from catching and fattening to human training interaction in the sea were demonstrated.

Scientific and practical results importance and the prospects for using of marine mammals to protect strategic facilities were described. In general, the book is a guide to marine mammals training to provide strategically important facilities protection from terrorist actions.
Ecosystem researches of the Azov Sea, the Black sea and the Caspian sea and the coastal areas
T. IX. Apatity. KSC RAS Publ., 315 p.

The book presents the latest results (based on complex expeditions) ecosystem processes researches, environment and biota of Azov sea, some areas of the Black sea and Caspian sea and as well as their coasts. The issues of the continuous monitoring organization of the southern seas, the role of climate and anthropogenic factors in the coast formation, especially the spatial and temporal distribution of terrigenous matter flows, geochemical sediments composition were discussed.

Several of models of flows and siltation of navigable canals processes were given. The processes occurring in the modern communities of aquatic organisms of the Black and Azov seas were considered. Much attention is paid to some historical aspects of useing the fishery resources of the Azov Sea. The analysis of the current state, the results of some experimental ecotoxicological sturgeon researches was given. Revival of fisheries potential of the Russian southern seas was discussed. Some aspects of ecotoxicology and terrestrial vertebrates fauna were considered; A check list of birds of the Taman Peninsula, as well as the results of human ecology researches were given. The book is intended for a wide range of specialists, as well as undergraduate and graduate students.
Collection of scientific articles "Ichthyofauna contemporarily researches of the Arctic and the southern seas of the European part of Russia"
Apatity. KSC RAS Publ., 230 p. ISBN 5-91137-016-6

The book focuses on the fish biology researches of the Arctic and southern seas of the European part of Russia. In papers devoted to the northern seas, data on the composition, structure and spatial dynamics of ichthyofauna in local areas, the evolutionary aspects of reproduction, nutrition and production characteristics of some species of fish were presented.

The faunistics information, stocks status and fish parasite fauna of the sea of Azov, historical and biological aspects of mullet acclimatization, goldfish mimicry were given for the southern seas. Fish farming issues in closed systems were considered. Collection may be of interest to scientists, specialists in the field of ecology, environmental protection and exploitation of marine biological resources.
Makarevich P.R. Planktonic algotcenoses of estuarine ecosystems. The Barents Sea, the Kara Sea and the Sea of Azov.
Moscow: Nauka, 2007. ISBN 978-5-02-035570-5

The structural and functional characteristics and function features of planktonic algocenoses of estuarine areas of the Barents sea, the Kara sea and the Sea of Azov were considered on basis of the long-term research materials. A comparative analysis of the structure and the seasonal variability process of pelagic microalgae communities of the Azov sea basin and the northern seas of Russia were conducted. The impact assessment of natural and anthropogenic factors on estuarine pelagic phytocoenoses was given. A generalized scheme of annual succession cycle of estuarine phytoplankton was given.

The book is intended for hydrobiologists, ecologists, specialists in marine biology, as well as undergraduate and graduate students of relevant departments of the universities.