MMBI's Publications 2010


Nature of marine Arctic: current challenges and role of science: Theses of the International scientific conference (Murmansk, 10-12 March 2010).
Apatity: MMBI KSC RAS, 2010. 235 p. ISBN 978-591137-117-3

The collection contains theses of the International scientific conference "Nature of marine Arctic: current challenges and role of science. MMBI hosted a conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Institute in May 2010. Participants discussed issues of biological diversity and productivity, marine geology and paleoecology, dynamics and evolution of populations, communities and ecosystems in condition of climate changes and anthropogenic influence. Methodology, as well as the direction of rational nature management, protection of water areas, restoration and conservation of nature in the Arctic are analyzed. The book presents the main results of studying the impact of the industrial exploitation of marine field oil and gas, radiation and chemical pollution on marine and coastal ecosystems of polar latitudes.

The materials of the collection could be interesting for biologists, oceanographers, geologists, geographers and other professional, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in the history of science and the actual problems of marine researches.

Abstract in Russian (.pdf) pp. 1-119 (1,43 Mb)
pp. 120-244 (1,72 Mb)

Mityaev M.V., Gerasimova M.V. Contemporary exogenic processes. Karelian shore of Kandalaksha Bay (the White Sea).
Apatity: MMBI KSC RAS, 2010. 102 p. ISBN 978-5-91137-085-5

The book describes the climate, geological, geomorphological and geotectonic structure of one of the districts of Karelian shore of the White Sea. New data on the erosion of creeks (streams) in two lips of Kandalaksha Bay and the rate of destruction large rock fragments material of crystalline rocks in the littoral zone are given. The amount of sedimentary material involved in the vertical flow of matter is far of excess of the amount supplied to the Bay weighted, aerosol and the abrasive material are determined. The book contains data on the composition of the sediment involved in the vertical flow of matter, both at the sea and lake basin.

The book is oriented on geologists, ecologists, oceanographers engaged in similar issues.
Makarevich P.R., Druzhkova E.I. Seasonal cyclical processes in the coastal planktonic algocenosis of the northern seas.
Rostov-on-Don: Issue SSC RAS, 2010. – 280 p. ISBN 978-5-902982-75-3

Features of structural organization and functioning of the planktonic algocenoses in offshore ecosystems of the North European seas are defined on the basis of long-term researches involving vast literary material. Monograph presents a model of the annual succession cycle of microphytoplankton.

A conceptual diagram of the annual cycle of nanofitoplanktona in hightboreal zone are developed and presented in accordance with the phases of the seasonal microalgae cycles. Annual dynamics of productive-destructive parameters is analyzed. For hydrobiologists, ecologists, specialists in field of marine biology, as well as students and postgraduate students of relevant departments of the universities.