MMBI's Publications 2012


Berichte zur Polar - und Meeresforschung

Articles: Agenda of the Workshop "Oceanographic Research in the Arctic" Six phases of German polar research. A sketch, focussing on marine biology G. Hempel Main problems of Arctic Marine Ecosystem Studies of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute G.G. Matishov and D.G. Matishov Arctic Research at the Alfred Wegener Institute K. Lochte and S. Hain Climate and oceanographic processes in the Barents Sea G.G. Matishov, S.L. Dzhenyuk, V.V. Denisov, A.P. Zhichkin, D.V. Moiseev The Laptev Sea phytoplankton studies: past and present E.I.Druzhkova and P.R. Makarevich Sedimentation processes and glacial history in the Western Arctic Ocean G.A. Tarasov Effects of light and temperature on the Barents Sea macroalgae M.V. Makarov and G.M. Voskoboinikov Main directions of seabird research of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute in Arctic seas of Europe Y. V. Krasnov Structure of ichthyofauna in the Arctic seas off Russia О. V. Karamushko.

Ecology of sea birds of the Barents Sea

The collection contains articles, which covers different aspects of ecology of sea birds of the Barents Sea. There are considered peculiarities of placement and number of sea birds and waterfowls in various water areas of the Barents Sea: The Kandalaksha Gulf, The Onega Bay, Gorlo and Voronka basins. Data of comparison analysis of avifauna of northern regions of the White Sea and south part of the Barents Sea are presented. Modern state of avifauna coastal areas of Tersky Coast and Onega Bay islands. Data of nutrition content analyses of common eider in different areas of its natural habitat in the White Sea, seasonal and geographical nutrition changeability are cited. The collection is oriented on zoologists, ecologists, hydrobiologists and officers of nature conservation organization.

Polar science of Knipovich (to the 150th anniversary of his birth) / N. M. Adrov
MMBI KSC RAS - Apatity: Issue of KSC RAS, 2012. - 253 p. - ISBN 978-5-91137-203-3 (in translation)

Monograph is devoted to scientific, organizational and pedagogical activity of classic of commercial oceanology and marine ecology Nikolay Mikhaylovich Knipovich in the period of his northern marine expeditions. For illustrativeness the scale of works in mastering of the Arctic is cited in “Chronology of polar oceanology events in N.M. Knipovich life period (1862-1939 гг.)”.

The book is oriented on the wide range of readers and specialists engaged in mastering of the marine Arctic. Fig. - 47.
Epifauna of crabs Lithodidae in the Barents Sea / А.G. Dvoretskyi, V.G. Dvoretskyi; [resp. editor P.R. Makarevich]; MMBI KSC RAS
Apatity: Issue of KSC RAS, 2012. – 410 p. – ISBN 978-5-91137-198-2 (in translation)

Results of many years studying of macrosymbionts and fouling organisms of two Lithodidae of the Barents Sea: king crab colonizer Paralithodes camtschaticus and native species of Lithodes maja. Species composition of associated organisms and indexes of their population on crabs is cited. Factors, which influence colonization process of host with symbiont and fouling organisms, are examined. New data of mass species of associated organisms’ biology is presented. Location peculiarities of symbiont and fouling organisms, which help to estimate intra- interspecific interactions of associated organisms, are discussed. On the basis of analyses of experimental studies results peculiarities of interactions of hosts with mass species of epifauna community are considered.

For marine biologists, ecologists, fishery specialists, postgraduate student, university lectors and students.
Bibliographical index of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute employees works (2006-2010) / [resp. editor. academician of RAS G.G. Matishov]; MMBI KSC RAS.
Apatity: Issue of KSC RAS, 2012. – 256 p. ISBN 978-5-91137-207-1.

The present issue continues the publication of bibliographical index of employees’ works of Institute in geology, hydrology, meteorology, biology, ecology and environmental protection. Chronological frameworks recorded in literature reference 2006-2010 years. All described works are systematized by topics, within every section and subsection is alphabetized. Articles have continuous numbering. Alphabetic index has references to numbers referred to their works.

Selifonova Z.P. Water areas ecosystems of the Black Sea ports of Novorossiysk and Tuapse.
Saint-Petersburg.: Nauka, 2012. – 228 p. ISBN 978-5-02-038187-2.

Monograph is devoted to studying of marine ecosystems of northeast shelf large seaports of the Black Sea – Novorossiysk and Tuapse, subject to high level of anthropogenic pollution. Results of phytoplankton, heterotrophic bacterioplankton, protozoan (zooflagellates, infusoria), holoplankton, meroplankton, ichthyoplankton studying are presented. Special attention is paid to zoobenthos analyses of loose earth as an indicator of bottom sediments eutrophicity. It was revealed that accumulation of labile sulphides in upper level of bottom sediments in Novorossiysk and Tuapse ports is one of the most dangerous ecological consequences of anthropogenic pollution.

Monitoring results of ballast waters of commercial vessels implemented in Novorossiysk port are presented; estimations of ecological risks of marine bioinvasions with water transport in northeast part of the Black Sea. Energy trophodynamic models of port ecosystems were developed, structure and functional transformation was analyzed. Tendencies of quality alteration of water resources and its potential abilities to natural purification were revealed. Role of anthropogenic pollution and invasions of foreign species in biodiversity and productivity of northeast shelf of the Black Sea.
Matishov G.G., Kleshchenkov A.V. Kuban flood crisis. Climate, geomorphology, forecasts. Krymsk, July 2012.
Rostov-on-Don: Issue SSC RAS, 2012. – 116 p. ISBN 978-5-4358-0041-8.

On the basis of expedition work materials and work experience of specialists of SSC RAS and MMBI KSC RAS circumstances and processes caused flooding in northwest Caucasus 6-7 July 2012 were studied. Analyses of social and economic consequences of extreme flash floods on aggrieved territories were presented. Weather conditions preceded the elements, pace of developments chronology, dynamics of water level in the rivers and spatial precipitation distribution are described. Physical and geographical preconditions of extreme flash floods are considered: specific interaction of extreme air mass at the junction of the sea and low mountains, hydrological specifics of the rivers, chronology of the output of the rivers and territory flooding. Structure and distribution of breakages, landslides, mudflows, takyrs, fluvial deposited in river valleys and centers of population are characterized. As a result, gas pipelines, railway communications were damaged. Measures to counter the flood disaster, decrease the destructive consequences of flooding in centers of population in foothill regions are suggested.

The issue is for city planners, environmental protectors, specialists in nature management, and students of biological and geographical fields of specialization.
Complex studies if Spitsbergen nature: materials of international conference (Murmansk, 1-3 November 2012). Issue 11.
GEOS, 2012. 284 p. ISBN 978-5-89118-585-2

The collection contains materials of 11th international conference “Complex studies of Spitsbergen nature”, conducted in Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS in November 2012.

The collection is of interest for wide circle of specialists: oceanologists, hydrometeorologists, hydrobiologists, botanists, geologists, geophysicist, archaeologists, glaciologists, lecturers and students.
Theoretical aspects of birds colonialism
/ resp. editor N.V. Lebedeva. – Rostov-on-Don: Issue of SSC RAS, 2012. – 270 p. ISBN 975-5-4358-0045-6. / [resp. editor G.G. Matishov]; Murmansk Marine Biological Institute of Kola Scientific Centre RAS. – Apatity: publishing house of Kola Scientific Centre RAS, 2012. – 181 p. ISBN 978-5-91137-155-8.

The collection contains reports materials of participants of the III Conference on theoretical aspects of birds colonialism devoted to the 100 anniversary of the birth of V.M. Modestov and took place in Rostov-on-Don 7-9 November 2012. The articles are dedicated to different questions, connected with birds colonialism phenomena: studying of origin and evolution of colonial nesting; making of different classifications of colonial structures; studying of interconnection of spatial structure and colony functioning; interaction of colonies and entertainment; colony ontogenesis, studying of different aspects of colonialism by way of example of specific species and bird groups.