MMBI's Publications 2011


"Nature of marine Arctic through the eyes of a biologist"
Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publ., 2011. ISBN 978-5-4358-0010-4

MMBI KSC RAS presents album “Nature of marine Arctic through the eyes of a biologist”, authored by MMBI scientists and their colleagues. The uniqueness of this photo album is in exclusive amateur photos taken during marine and coastal expeditions for ecosystem studying of the Barents Sea, White Sea, Kara Sea, Greenland Sea and Laptev Sea – in the most remote, inaccessible and unexplored parts of the Arctic. Book is divided into four sections dedicated to marine element, underwater world, the brightest representatives of therio- and avifauna of the Arctic Ocean seas, as well as unique scientific landfill – Dalnie Zelentsy.

Album is for wide range of readers and can be used in order to attract younger generation into research and conservation activities, awakening interest in the High North, to learn careful and thorough treatment of native land.
Proceedings of the scientific seminar "Marine animals in man’s service"
Rostov-on-Don: SSC RAS Publ., 2011. ISBN 978-5-4358-0003-6

Proceedings of the seminar held at headquarters of the Redbanner Northern Fleet on the 4th of October 2010 in Severomorsk, it combines speeches of experts of MMBI KSC RAS, SSC RAS (Rostov-on-Don), representatives of the Navy Command. Basic ways of modern science and Navy structures interaction under a wide range of military and economic problems associated with polar marine systems water area, which marine animals its main component like Arctic species of true seals were discussed. Theoretical and applied problems, especially teaching materials for catching marine mammals, their domestication, maintenance in captivity, learning for working in biotechnological systems.

Proceedings of XXIX Conference of MMBI Young Scientists dedicated to the 140th anniversary of H.A. Kluge "Marine research of European Arctic ecosystems"
Murmansk, 2011

This collection contains material of young scientists reports and is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Professor Herman Augustovich Kluge – world famous invertebrate zoologist, director of Murmansk Biological Station (1908-1933) in Alexandrovst (now Polyarny). The Conference was attended by young scientists from MMBI KSC RAS, SSC RAS, KSC RAS, PINRO, students and postgraduates of MSTU.

Results of modern research expeditions in the Barents, White and Azov Seas, bays and fjords of Spitsbergen archipelago, Kola Bay and shores are presented. Impact assessment of bio-productivity, biological diversity, flora and fauna under the conditions of climatic changes and other factors is given. Issues on experimental ecology study, morphology, biochemistry, metabolism, behavior of individual organisms (from bacteria to marine animals) are discussed.
Book of Abstracts of Kluge XI International undergraduate and graduate students Conference "Issues of the Arctic Region".
Murmansk, 2011.

Collection contains abstracts of the XI International Scientific undergraduate and graduate students Conference “Issues of the Arctic Region”. The book includes results of the students from various universities and their affiliate’s scientific work. Topics include biological, medical, environmental studies, physical and technical issues, economic and social problems of the Arctic region.

Biology and role of Oithona similis in Arctic seas zooplankton
Apatity: KSC RAS Publ., 2011. ISBN 978-5-91137-153-1

Results of long-term studies of Oithona similis population biology – it is one of the key members of Arctic marine zooplankton are presented in this book together with unique data of the current distribution, population structure, mortality, reproduction and production of the species in the Barents, White and Kara seas. Seasonal population dynamics and О. similis reproductive characteristics in the Kola Bay have been studied. Comperatative life cycle analyses in different regions of the Ocean were conducted. O. Similis population structure was researched on the base of morphological and reproductive performance in the west-Arctic seas. This publication is intended for specialists in marine biology, hydrobiology, ecology, oceanography and also for different teachers, graduate and post-graduate students.

Complex researches of Russian large marine ecosystems
Apatity: KSC RAS Publ., 2011. ISBN 978-5-91137-102-9

Results of studies of Large Marine Ecosystems (LME) of the Arctic and southern seas of Russia. LME methodology of delimitation by complex oceanographic features was presented. Ecosystem management principles of marine environmental control were developed, also requirements for LME and maritime activities researches information providing were formulated.

Analyses of the Barents, White, Kara, Laptev seas and western part of the Bering Sea LME’s current state was conducted based on results of field research and analysis of Russian seas and information bases. New data on plankton communities and biological productivity, fish fauna, avifauna, levels of chemical and radioactive pollution of the seas are obtained. Modern climatic dynamics of southern seas LME was studied as well as estimation of marine biota in vulnerable areas of the Black Sea shelf, analyses of fish fauna and colonial bird’s communities of the Azov Sea were made. Scientific and applied researches on development of algal bio-filter plantations in the Arctic Seas were performed, impact of red king crab on benthic biotic communities was assessed, usage of the Barents Sea and the Black Sea mussels as bio-indicator species for the marine environment was described. The book can be useful for a wide range of professionals involved in study of the Russian Seas, organization of marine environmental management, protection of marine environment.
Bioecological aspects of fish and invertebrates defense responses
Apatity: KSC RAS Publ., 2011. 272 p. ISBN 978-5-91137-154-8

Multi-scale long-term ecological and morphological experimental studies of cell and tissue fish defense responses (salmon, humpback) and some invertebrates (nemertines) were generalized.

Unique methodology providing to conduct in the same experiment characterization of defense reactions and generation processes of damage, as well as humoral factors (antibiotic activity) of fish and invertebrates immune system was applied. Important theoretical results upon evolution of regulatory morphogenesis and tissue regeneration ability after injection of sterile and infected foreign objects and mechanical damage were obtained. Important issues of defense mechanisms’ formation and functioning that affect reproduction effectiveness of such important commercial fish like salmon, and acclimatized in the basin of the White Sea pink salmon at different stages of ontogeny – embryos, prelarvae, larvae, fingerlings and yearlings, were pictured out. Ontogenetic variability of defense reaction dynamics data in salmon and pink salmon will serve as a solution of practical issues, in particular, to increase survival of juvenile fish and development of therapeutic and preventive measures during breeding and commercial cultivation. The book is designed for ecologists, ichthyologists, environmental specialists and fisheries organizations.
Barents Sea. Encyclopedia
Moscow: International relations, 2011. 272 p. ISBN 978-5-7133-1404-0

The publication is dedicated to one of the Russian northern seas – the Barents Sea, a part of the Arctic Ocean. Encyclopedia contains near 700 articles on hydrographic, geographic objects and hydrology of the sea. The most significant natural objects are presented in the encyclopedia – islands, peninsulas, bays, rivers, their geographical features, economy, culture and history, as well as cities, ports, water and biological resources, international agreements, research institutions, activities of prominent scientists, researches and travelers. Chronology of major events which became momentous milestones in the history of discoveries and exploration in the Barents Sea from XVI century to the present days is also provided.

Encyclopedia reflects data obtained during the project 2011-16-420-5-007-001 «Comprehensive study of the Barents and White Seas nature for effective use of biological and mineral resources and natural hazard minimization» conducted under the Federal Program «World Ocean», sub-program «Investigation of the World Ocean nature».
Global climate processes and their impact on the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions: Report thesis of International scientific conference (Murmansk, 9-11 of November 2011).
Apatity: Kola Science Center Publ. 2011. 219 p. ISBN 978-5-91137-167-8.

A collection of abstracts from International conference “Global climate processes and their impact on the ecosystems of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions” organized by Murmansk Marine Biological Institute of KSC RAS. Theoretical and practical issues related to global climate change and current state of the Arctic and sub-Arctic ecosystems are covered. Modern tendencies and forecasts of the Arctic Ocean hydrological regime, periglacial phenomena and processes, methodology and results of geophysical and paleogeographic studies are discussed. Much attention is paid to the peculiarities of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions flora and fauna evolution in the context of global climate change and anthropogenic pressure.

There is a list of MMBI scientists’ articles in foreign press.
Terrestrial and marine ecosystems

Articles of this volume offer a series of Russian polar scientists publications from leading research institutions of the Russian Federation involved in the study of terrestrial and marine ecosystem in the Arctic - Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Institute of Geography, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Hydrometeorology, Zoological Institute, Institute of Oceanology, Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute RAS, All-Russian Research Institute for Nature Protection, Institute of plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Research and used interrogation Institute of Agriculture of the Far North and some others.

It presents preliminary results of some project implementation within international and Russian national program as well as long-term studies of terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
White Whale (Delphinapterus Leucas) of the Russia Artic Seas: biology, ecology, protection and exploitation of resources

White whale is one of the few Arctic species of toothed whales (Odontoceti) that form large populations. Due to recent climatic changes in the Arctic this species is paid attention to. Recently, a lot of scientific works of Canadian, Danish and Norwegian scientists on the ecology of this species have appeared. At the same time there aren’t enough publications devoted to the Arctic beluga whale population despite the fact that much of species habitat is in the Russian Arctic sector. The purpose of this publication is to refill this gap.

The book is concentrated on a wide range of issues from biological parameters and interrelation of species with environment to legal aspects of population exploitation. This publication is for a wide range of experts in the field of biology, ecology, environmental protection and also for ordinary readers who love nature.