Round Table "Development of the region's biotechnological complex" and Innovative Inventions Showcase occurred in framework of the 20th anniversary trade fair "Imandra-2019" Apatity, April 18, 2019, where the deputy Director MMBI M.V. Makarov presented a report on innovative developments of the Institute “Macrophytes of the Barents Sea: regional source of pharmaceutically valuable raw materials and use of coastal ecosystems in bioremediation”.


The ideologist of the event Corr. RAS V.K. Zhirov



Professor E.V. Shoshina

Dr. M.V. Makarov



In addition to leading biotechnology specialists from MMBI, FIC KSC RAS, MSTU, Scientific Research Center for Biomedical Problems of Human Adaptation in the Arctic, KSC RAS, Biotechnology Development Group, representatives from Innovation Promotion Fund (Bortnik Fund) and Murmansk Regional Innovation Business Incubator, Chairman FIC KSC RAS, Corresponding Member RAS Dr. Professor S.V. Krivovichev, head of Apatity A.G. Gilyarov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Murmansk region S.K. Plisov and Minister of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development of the Murmansk region D.D. Filippov. Developments of MMBI were highly appreciated by all participants.
Not only the importance and direction of innovative developments that are promising for the Murmansk region, but also problems hindering the further entry of products into the market were discussed after presentations. A resolution was adopted on the need to create a biotechnology cluster in the Murmansk region and the next quadrilateral meeting was scheduled with the invitation of scientific experts, representatives of Murmansk administration, scientific business management and interested business investors.


Information: Murmansk Vestnik