On April 15-16, 2019, the First All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference “Medical and Biological Problems in the Arctic” was held in Apatity. Professor Gregory Voskoboynikov from Murmansk Marine Biological Institute participated in the event and shared his impressions with the institute staff.







Corr. RAS Sergey Krivovichev

Professor Gregory Voskoboynikov


Grigory Voskoboynikov: “Corr. RAS, Chairman of the FIC KSC RAS S.V. Krivovichev and PhD, Director of Research Center of Research Center for Biomedical Problems of Human Adaptation in the Arctic V.V. Megorsky identified breadth of biomedical problems spectrum among the Arctic population, possible ways to solve them in their speeches at the opening of the conference. New directions of research on biomedical problems in the Arctic were presented in plenary reports: “Genetic aspects of Arctic medicine”: V. Larionova. - Ph.D. Professor, President of the Association of Specialists in the Field of Molecular Medicine, Medical and Laboratory Genetics. E.I. Schwartz, St. Petersburg; "Instability of human genome and problems of population adaptation to the Arctic conditions": F.I. Ingel - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of Laboratory of Genetic Toxicology, "Center for Strategic Planning and Management of Biomedical Health Risks" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow; "Experience and Prospects of Medical and Sanitary Support of Nuclear Facilities in the Arctic Zone" O.G. Minin, Director, Federal State Budgetary Healthcare Institution, N.I. Pirogov Federal Medical Center, Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia, Murmansk).

At 4 breakout sessions in following areas:

1) “Problems of adaptation and disadaptation of a human in extreme Arctic conditions”,

2) “State of the environment and human health: anthropogenic aspect",

3) "Rehabilitation and sports medicine in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation"

4) "Impact of environmental and social factors on human health. Northern regions: attracting and preserving human capital" more than 40 reports were made.

A poster session was presented in addition to oral presentations. MMBI made a report on the perspective of using hydrobionts products of the Arctic seas in rehabilitation, accompany therapy after serious diseases, and complex operations. The report caused a lot of questions and a discussion.