In November 2018, the leader of zoobenthos laboratory PhD E.D. Obluchinskaya developed a case called “Food Functional Product Based on Arctic Brown Algae Enriched with Vitamins” for schoolchildren enrolled in the Kvantorium-51 Children's Technopark under the Biokvantuma programs. On December 20, 2018, the final of the “QuantoArktika” competition of scientific and engineering projects took place. The team of schoolchildren, who began to develop the case proposed by the Institute, took the second place among the Quantorians 0 training line in the nomination “We think. We solve. We create”. The guys investigated the brown algae of the Barents Sea for the content of ascorbic acid and found the Arctic sea plants richer in this vitamin component. Also, young researchers have identified environmentally friendly extractants for the extraction of vitamin C from algae, which will later be used to obtain products enriched with vitamins.

Welcome word by D.V. Moiseev

Romakhova Julia and Obluchinskaya Anna present their achievements on the case “Food functional product based on Arctic kelp, enriched with vitamins”.


The deputy director of the Institute for Science, PhD D.V. Moiseev and Researcher of Algology Laboratory PhD D.V. Pugokvkin took part in the work of the jury in the work of the “QuantoArktika” competition of scientific and engineering projects.


Details about the competition on the website of the Kvantorium-51 Children's Technopark: