On December 11, 2018, Gennady Ilyin, Head of Oceanography and Radioecology Laboratory of MMBI KSC RAS, member of Public Council on the safe use of atomic energy, took part in the next, final session of the Council. At the meeting, management information of Atomflot Federal State Unitary Enterprise on results of the work and development prospects of the nuclear icebreaking fleet to service the Arctic projects was presented. In particular, information was presented by designers and shipbuilders of Baltiysky Zavod JSC on ensuring nuclear and radiation safety during the construction of a series of new nuclear icebreakers that will be part of the Atomflot Murmansk base.

In accordance with meeting agenda of the Public Council, a visit was made to the floating thermal nuclear power plant (FTNPP) “Akademik Lomonosov”, moored to “Atomflot” berths. At present, the FTNPP, or rather the still floating power unit (FPU), is undergoing technological testing and fine-tuning to necessary conditions under the guidance of specialists from the Kurchatov Institute. FPU is fully equipped for the autonomous life of a large sea vessel with an unlimited sailing period, equipped with 2 reactors operating on low enriched nuclear fuel. Technologically, long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel between maintenance and prophylactic cycles in accordance with rules and standards of radiation safety is provided at the FPU. In case of emergencies to maintain the normal operation of reactors safety systems, safety equipment of reactors is provided with diesel-electric generators. Environmentalists have many questions to A.N. Kovalev an employee of “Baltiysky Zavod” and head of communications department A.S. Lebedev about the possible danger from new facility for the environment of the Kola Arctic and preventing measures.


Gennady Ilyin (second row from the left) in the engine room of FPU. The tour is conducted by the main builder A. N. Kovalev. Photo: Victor Kostrov

A detailed report on the event is on the website of newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda: