Since July 3, 2018, a new summer season of works on the biology plant MMBI in Dalnie Zelentsy village on the Barents Sea coast is opening. Employees of algology and zoobenthos laboratories are the first to conduct scientific researches. Studies will be conducted on the Government task programs of the Institute, as well as on the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences projects (topic "Integrated Ecosystem Studies of the Arctic Seas of Russia as the Basis of Modern Technologies for Studying, Developing, Preserving and Developing the Region"), Russian Foundation for Basic Research ("New Bioremediation Technologies and the role of phytocoenosis in the cleanup of coastal waters of the Arctic seas in emergency situations associated with the storage and transportation of hydrocarbons"), the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (theme: "Development of methods for ecosystem monitoring of the Barents Sea and high-latitude Arctic bays and shelf, scenario modeling of emergency situations during transportation of oil products and radioactive wastes and experimental technologies for their protection against pollution in marine periglacial conditions").

In 2018, applications were received from the St. Petersburg State University, Laboratory of Continuous Mathematical Education (St. Petersburg), Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg), Moscow State University, Research Center for Environmental Safety (St. Petersburg).

A film company "Allegri Group", specializing in the production of documentary films, was interested in filming and covering research activities of workers and students at the biostation.