Results of two competitions of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research were summarized, subjects included studies of the Russian Arctic seas. Employees of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute took an active part in the application campaign and achieved success.
The project "Radioactive pollution and secondary sources of anthropogenic isotopes in the seas of the Arctic Ocean at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries" was supported in the competition for the best scientific projects on the topic "Fundamental problems of studying and developing the Russian Arctic: the natural and social environment" ("Arctic") under the guidance of Academician G.G. Matishov.
Among winners in the contest for the best interdisciplinary projects on the topic "Patterns of formation and impact of marine and atmospheric hazards and disasters on the coastal zone of the Russian Federation in the face of global climatic and industrial challenges" ("Dangerous phenomena") - the project of M.V. Mityaev "New technologies of bioremediation and the role of phytocoenosis in cleaning the coastal waters of the Arctic seas in emergency situations associated with the storage and transportation of hydrocarbons".
Congratulations to our colleagues and successful implementation of the projects!