Geographers of MMBI, members of the Russian Geographical Society, took part in the Geographical Center of the Murmansk Region sign inauguration ceremony in Lovozero village.
Back in October 2016, a competitive work of the Murmansk schoolboy Roman Ivanov "Determining the geographical center of the Murmansk region" came to MMBI KSC RAS for review. Chief Scientific Officer of the Laboratory of Oceanography and Radioecology, Doctor of Geographical Sciences Vladimir Denisov highly appreciated researches of the young researcher and recommended that results of this work be sent to the Russian Geographical Society. Specialists-cartographers of the Murmansk regional branch of the RGS with the help of modern geoinformation technologies specified the location of the geographical center, conducted reconnaissance on the terrain and prepared a model of a memorable sign. The location of the Geographical Center of the region was established and indicated by geographic coordinates of 68 ° 00 '15 "N 35 ° 00' 35" E.
The discovery of the Sign took place in the days of the 80th anniversary of the Murmansk region celebration on May 26, 2018, in Lovozero village. The event was opened by the chairman of the department, deputy director for science MMBI KSC RAS Ph.D. Denis Moiseev. He told that the geographical center of any political and administrative object, when using various methods, falls into the so-called radius of uncertainty, within which the location is chosen to be the most convenient place for visitors of the sign, in this case, it is Lovozero village.

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