In February 2018, an electronic version of the Arctic Fisheries Atlas was published in two volumes as a result of an international project that brought together 11 researchers from 5 countries (Denmark, Canada, Norway, Russia, USA). As a part of authors team was the chief research officer of the Laboratory of Ichthyology and Physiology of MMBI KSC RAS Oleg Karamushko.
Both Atlas volumes, presented in pdf format, are intended for all those involved in the research and monitoring of Arctic marine ecosystems. This is the first case of such a comprehensive work uniting representatives of both the Atlantic and Pacific components of the Arctic fauna, which includes 229 species representing 20 orders and 46 families. The bulk of the first volume is occupied by descriptions of 205 species, grouped phylogenetically by families. Descriptions of species include everything you need: graphics drawing, distribution area with map, morphology, size-age structure, habitat, including preferred depths and temperatures of water, taxonomy. The second volume is a collection of species photographs arranged in the same order as in the first volume. For each species there are several color photographs from different angles, revealing the main external features of each species. Often close-up photos and graphic drawings of various trunk elements necessary for species identification are presented. There is an eight-page table of species nomenclature, including zoogeographic indications, depth of habitat, etc. in the appendix to the second volume.

The leading ichthyologist of the world, Joseph Eastman, congratulated his colleagues on completing the capital work and emphasized the particular relevance of such a comprehensive catalog and description of the Arctic fish fauna in the light of the changing climate. "As it seems to me," said Eastman, "this authoritative publication can serve a good example of how to publish such works in pdf format". Ichthyologist also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway for funding this project and the opportunity to download the electronic version of the atlas free of charge.

In the near future, the release of a printed version is also expected.

Review of the atlas:
Eastman_Book review on Atlas-2018.pdf