The XXXVI conference of young scientists of the MMBI KSC RAS "Studies of Arctic ecosystems" dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the research vessel "Dalnie Zelentsy" was held on May 17, 2018. The traditional conference of MMBI young scientists was held in the format of reporting sessions of young scientists. The program of the scientific event included 16 oral presentations, 55 people took part in the event. Conference materials were published by the beginning of the scientific event. The conference was opened with an introductory speech by acting director for science, Professor P.R. Makarevich. In his speech, the head of the Institute made a short excursion into a history of MMBI youth forums, telling about the role of ideologist and ancestor of these events, Academician G.G. Matishov in the development of arctic young science, and also some of his memories as a participant in the first conferences. P.R. Makarevich also mentioned that this event is dedicated to the glorious 40-year history of the naval flagship of MMBI RV "Dalnie Zelentsy". The session opened with an introductory report of the oldest scientist, participant of the first campaigns on the RV "Dalnie Zelentsy", the chief research officer of the Laboratory of Oceanography and Radioecology, G.V. Ilyin. The speaker talked about routes and tasks of trial and intermittent flights, obtained results, especially focused on a collection of exhibits for zoological collections of MMBI and Institute of Oceanology.

Results of studies reported by young scientists were based on modern expeditionary and experimental data obtained during the work in the Barents, White and Kara Seas. All reports aroused great interest, the most controversial was the report of N.I. Meshcheryakov "Vertical flow of sediment in Lake Bretjrn (Western Spitsbergen)". An original research approach to the study of bryozoans diversity was presented in the emotional report of O.Yu. Akhmetchina, which aroused a lively response from the audience. Members of the Academic Council of MMBI, who participated in the discussion, noted with satisfaction that all presented reports were of a sufficiently high level both in the quality of the baseline material and in the proposed analysis of data. Leading scientists of the Institute positively evaluated a work of A.E. Noskovich and L.V. Zakharova, for whom such a reporting session was the first. Reports M.A. Boltenkova, M.P. Wenger, S.A. Bulavina became a serious application for the defense of Ph.D. theses. Following results of the creative contest held among the MMBI staff, the winners were: Minzuk T.V., Bondarev O.V., Venger M.P., Zaporozhtsev I.F., Akhmetchina O.Yu., Boltenkova M.A., Bulavina A.S., Noskovich A.E.

Report on the conference: