On February 22, 2018, on the basis of the Faculty of Mathematics, Economics and Information Technology, classes were held for groups of winners and prize-winners of the Regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of Schoolchildren in the context of summing up results of competitive events. Dean of the Faculty, Ph.D. Levites Vera Vladimirovna, presented a welcoming speech, and a member of the Olympiad jury in mathematics, an associate professor of the Faculty of Mathematics, Economics and Information Technology of MASU, a researcher of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS, candidate of technical sciences Ivan Fedorovich Zaporozhtsev conducted a foresight session on the topic "Murmansk region on the map of global challenges: applied mathematics, computer science and technology of the future". Finalists of the Olympiads in mathematics and computer science took part in the event:
  • Podlutsky Alexander (School No. 36, Mathematics, 11th grade),
  • Kraev Artem (Murmansk Academic Lyceum, mathematics, Grade 10),
  • Shoshin Nikita (Murmansk Academic Lyceum, Informatics, Grade 10),
  • Savin Sergey (Murmansk Academic Lyceum, mathematics, computer science, 9th grade),
  • Maximik Dmitry (Gymnasium 10, mathematics, 9 class).

The moderator told to participants about problems and promising areas of science and technology development in Russia and the world, reported on some scientific teams in the Murmansk region, including Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, spheres of their interests, role in solving educational, scientific and production problems. The discussion made it possible to form a common (in the first approximation) field of participants' ideas about trends and events that will affect the future of the Murmansk region and the country as a whole, identify value orientations, core professional competencies, the formation of which is important for achieving personal success and socially significant self-realization.