Russian, Finnish and Norwegian scientists agreed on a joint project work


June 14, 2017 in Murmansk, on the basis of Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, a joint Russian-Finnish-Norwegian scientific workshop on marine spatial planning in the Arctic was held. The program of the scientific event included several oral presentations illustrating concepts of marine spatial planning in different countries (Russia, Norway, European Union), sharing experiences on existing developments, working in groups to create working packages of the Barentsplan project, and a general discussion on working on a joint project. The event was attended by 25 people from the Finnish Environment Institute (Helsinki, Finland), Akvaplan Niva (Tromso, Norway), WWF Russia (Moscow), Murmanshelf, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region, MMBI KSC RAS (Murmansk), Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Rostov-on-Don).