A Field atlas “Plants and lichens from the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea” is a collaborative work of scientists from PetrSU (Petrozavodsk State University) and MMBI.


Scientists of the MMBI KSC RAS algology laboratory together with scientists from Petrozavodsk State University with the support of Russian Federal Property Fund compiled a field atlas “Plants and lichens from the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea” (Plants and lichens from the Murmansk coast of the Barents Sea”: (Field atlas) / E.F. Markovskaya, S.V. Malavenda, I.V.Ryzhyk, L.F. Sergienko, A.V. Sonina, A.A. Starodubtseva, G.M. Voskoboynikov; Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education Petrozavodsk State University - Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk State University Publishing office, 2016 - 2016. - 191, [1] p. - ISBN 978-5-8021-3002-5), (Rastenija i lishajniki Murmanskogo poberezh'ja Barenceva morja: (polevoj atlas) / E.F. Markovskaja, S.V. Malavenda, I.V. Ryzhik, L.F. Sergienko, A.V. Sonina, A.A. Starodubceva, G.M Voskobojnikov; Min-vo obrazovanija i nauki Ros. Federacii, Feder. gos. bjudzhet. obrazovat. uchrezhdenie vyssh. obrazovanija Petrozavod. gos. un-t. - Petrozavodsk: Izdatel'stvo PetrGU, 2016. - 2016. - 191, [1] s. - ISBN 978-5-8021-3002-5.).

Atlas provides information on the morphology, ecology of algal macrophyte species, vascular plants and epilithic lichens in the littoral and supralittoral zones on the Barents Sea coast of the Kola Peninsula.

The primary target groups of the proposed book are biologists, ecologists, teachers and students of higher and secondary educational institutions, nature lovers.