Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin" will host international conference


International scientific conference "Radioecological research and monitoring in the Barents Sea and the Andreeva Bay area: current status, cooperation and further prospects " will open on the 25th of October at 10:00 at the Information Center for Nuclear Energy on board of the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin". This forum will be the first in a series of thematic events dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the Russian-Norwegian cooperation in the field of nuclear and radiation safety at Andreeva Bay.

Following questions will be discussed at the conference:

- knowledge state of radioactive contamination of marine ecosystems various elements;

- modern radioecological state of coastal and marine ecosystems;

- the main directions of further research in the field of marine ecosystems radioactive contamination monitoring.

Special attention at the seminar will be devoted to modern radio-ecological situation in Andreeva Bay before the start of regular production operations for removal of SNF and radioactive waste from enterprise territory, as well as monitoring in the period of the work.

The conference will be attended by representatives of Russian and Norwegian organizations engaged in radioecological research, monitoring and control of radiation situation in the region, as well as the handling and disposal of radioactive waste.

The event is organized by Murmansk Marine Biological Institute in cooperation with the Norwegian company "Akvaplan-niva" and Murmansk regional branch of the All-Russian public organization "Russian geographical society".