Alaska visiting MMBI


September 15, 2016 Murmansk Marine Biological Institute held a meeting with a delegation from Alaska, who is on a visit to the capital of the Kola Polar region ( for «Arctic Policy Tour» program (head organizer of the event - Institute of the North The main purpose of the visit is to search for effective policies and practices in matters of Arctic development for establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation between the US and Russia. Three senators from Alaska visited MMBI, executive director of the Institute of the North, representatives of the Corporation (UIC), which represents interests of indigenous population of Alaska and employees of the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg. The visit of the US delegation was held in the form of scientific and practical seminar, during which experience MMBI was lit in studying the Arctic seas, including those associated with development of oil and gas complex in the Murmansk region. Presentations were made by the first deputy director of Science Professor P.R. Makarevich, researchers of environmental engineering laboratory P.S. Vashchenko and O.P. Kalinka, head of ornithology and parasitology laboratory Ph.D. V.V. Kuklin, scientific secretary Ph.D. N.E. Kasatkina head of algology laboratory Professor G.M. Voskoboynikov. Information caused a great interest among the audience. In a lively discussion climate change issues, study of birds and marine mammals, biotechnological know-how in dealing with oil spills, radioecological stop in the Arctic were considered.