15.05.2018-16.05.2018, Murmansk
On the 15th of May, 2018 the XVII International scientific conference for Students and Postgraduates Problems of the Arctic region will occur






Seventeenth International Scientific Conference for Students and Postgraduates


Murmansk, Russia, 15 May 2018


First Announcement


Seventeenth International Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates “Problems of the Arctic Region” is devoted to scientific, environmental, technical, economic, and social aspects of the development of the Arctic. The conference will be divided into sections “Biology and Medicine”, “Chemistry and Technology”, “Ecology of the North”, “Economic problems of Arctic development”, «Education in the Arctic region”, “Geology and Geophysics of the Arctic Region”, “Humanitarian and Social problems”, “Hydrobiology”, “Information Technologies and Mathematical Methods”, “Marine biology”, “Physical studies”. Suggestions on new topics are welcome. The conference will be introduced by a plenary report on one of burning issues of modern science.

Students and post-graduates interested in participating in the Conference are welcome to e-mail their registration forms and papers to the Steering Committee until 23 April 2018. The registration form must contain the title of the report, names of the authors, scientific adviser, full name of the organization, address, e-mail of the contact person, dates of arrival and departure. The volume of the paper should not exceed one page. Participants should also indicate if they need assistance with the hotel booking. The paper is to be arranged in the following way:

  1. TITLE OF THE REPORT (14 pt type Times New Roman Bold, center)
  2. Names and surnames of the authors (12 pt, Bold, center)
  3. Organization name; e-mail of the contact person (12 pt, center)
  4. Empty line
  5. Text of the report
  6. The paper is to be printed with single-spaced text and 12 pt type Times New Roman in MS Word. All margins are to be 2 cm.

    Languages of the Conference – English and Russian


    Steering Committee

    Matishov G. G., chairman, academician RAS, professor, D. Sc., MMBI KSC RAS, Murmansk, Russia

    Kozelov B. V., deputy of the chairman, D. Sc., PGI, Murmansk, Russia

    Agarkov, S. A., professor, D. Sc., MSTU, Murmansk, Russia

    Braaten D., professor, PhD, KU, Lawrence, USA

    Demidov V. I., research professor, PhD, WVU, Morgantown, USA

    Larichkin F. D., professor, D. Sc., IEP KSC RAS, Apatity, Russia

    Makarevich P. R., professor, D. Sc., MMBI KSC RAS, Murmansk, Russia

    Masloboev V. A., professor, D. Sc., KSC RAS, Apatity, Russia

    Ottesen O., professor, PhD, UIN, Bodø, Norway

    Voytekhovsky Y. L., professor, D. Sc., GI KSC RAS, Apatity, Russia

    Zhigunova G. V., professor, D. Sc., MASU, Murmansk, Russia

    Zhirov V. K., member-correspondent RAS, professor, D. Sc., PABGI KSC RAS, Apatity, Russia


    Address of the Steering Committee:

    Polar Geophysical Institute

    15 Khalturina St., Murmansk, 183010 Russia


    Tel.:     +7 8152 253958, +7 921 2752759

    Fax:  +78152 253559