02.11.2016-04.11.2016, Murmansk
XIII All-Russia scientific conference with international engagement Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore

Dear Colleagues!


Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KSC RAS invites you to participate in the XIII All-Russia scientific conference with international engagement «Integrated studies of Spitsbergen nature and offshore», organized in association with Federal agency of scientific organizations, Federal state unitary enterprise «Trust Arktikugol», All-Russian non-governmental organization Murmansk regional branch Russian Geographical Society and Association of polar explorers of the Murmansk region. The aim of the Conference is to consider the most important aspects of scientific researches on the Svalbard and offshore, to discuss plans and the future research activities, international collaboration etc.

The Organizing Committee asks prospective participants to strictly observe the rules of filling in the registration form. There is registration XLS file: «Ivanov_Registration_form_Spitsbergen 2016_engl.xls" To register, just download the file, replace the name "Ivanov" with the name of the participant, fill in your details on top of the sample data on the first page of the file. The second sheet is filled automatically. Please do not remove the second sheet.

Registration form in Russian (.xls)

Registration form in English (.xls)

First information letter in Russian (.pdf)

Information letter (.doc) in English