Plankton laboratory

Elena I. Druzhkova

Druzhkova Elena Ivanovna – Head of the laboratory, Ph.D. (Biology), born on May 19, 1961. In 1986 she has graduated from the cytology and histology subdepartment of the biology-and-soil department of the Leningrad State University named after A.A. Zhdanov. In 1999 she defended a thesis (PhD. Biology) “Nanophytoplankton from the coastal part of northern Europe seas (the Barents and Northern Seas)”. The total career history of Druzhkova Elena is 30 years. She has been employed in MMBI for 22 years: a senior laboratory assistant, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher, deputy head of the laboratory, a head of the laboratory. Druzhkova Elena undertakes research on structural organization and functioning of microphyto- and nonoplankton communities in the arctic seas.

More than 40 research works were published during her work period. A full list of publications is available on еLIBRARY.RU
Druzhkova Elena has participated in more than 20 marine scientific expeditions. After the results of scientific activity, she was honoured with certificates “Fundamental research findings of RAS researches in 2004” for developing a scheme of nanophytoplankton annual successional cycle in the Barents Sea; and “Fundamental research findings of RAS researches in 2006” for comprehensive ecosystem researches of Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya.
Phone: (8152) 23-95-55