Algology laboratory

Mikhail Makarov

Personal information:

Name:                        Mikhail Makarov

Date of Birth:              04 April 1966

Place of Birth:             Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

Contact Address:         Vladimirskaya 17, Murmansk, 183010, Russia


Telephone:                  +7 921 0417575 ,  +7 921 2759598


Academic qualifications:

2010 ‑ Doctor of Science (Oceanology), Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia. Tittle: "Adaptation of Barents sea macroalgae to light conditions"

1999 ‑ Candidate of Science (Plant physiology), V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute Russian Academy of Science, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Title: "Influence of UV-radiation on the growth and reproduction of dominant species of Barents sea macroalgae"

1993 ‑ Specialist (Biologist-botanist), Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Professional positions held:

2018 ‑ Сhief research fellow, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.

2013 ‑  Deputy Director on aquaculture, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.

2008 ‑ Deputy Head of Laboratory of algology, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.

2005-2008 ‑ Research Leader, laboratory of algology, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.

1999-2005 ‑ Senior Scientific Researcher, laboratory of algology, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.

1997-1999 ‑ Scientific Researcher, laboratory of algology, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.

1993-1997 ‑ Junior Scientific Researcher, laboratory of algology, Murmansk marine biological Institute RAS, Murmansk, Russia.


Research activities:

‑ Seaweed ecology and physiology, processes of phytocenoses damage and recruitment.

‑ Reproductive biology- early life history microstages of seaweed.

‑ Stress physiology: impact of abiotic and biotic environmental factors, i.e. UVR, irradiation, temperature, salinity, hydrostatic pressure, oil pollution, etc.

‑ Photobiology: photosynthesis, photosynthetic pigments.

‑ Seaweed biodiversity and distribution, environmental impact assessment

‑ Sanitary (bioremediation) and food aquaculture of seaweed, seaweed processing.

Mikhail Makarov acts as a Senior researcher in many scientific projects, reviewer of manuscripts and regional projects; supervise on students and young researchers in graduate, expedition and field research programs; author and co-author of 4 patent rights deal with sanitary aquaculture (NN 2375315RF, 126327RF, 136037RF, 178383RF).



There are 108 publications, included journal articles, book chapters and conference materials, in-Russian mainly.

Main publication (in English):

Kuznetzov L.L., Makarevich P.R., Makarov M.V. Structural and productional indices of marine phytocenoses. // Environment and ecosystems of the Franz Josef Land (Archipelago and shelf). Apatity. 1993. P. 98-104.

Shoshina E.V., Makarov V.N., Makarov M.V. Peculiarities of the biology of Laminarian algae in Franz Joseph Land. // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. 1997. V. 23. N. 5. P. 248-254.

Makarov M.V. Influence of ultraviolet radiation  on the growth of the dominant macroalgae of the Barents Sea. In: Chemosphere: Global Change Science. Climate Change Effect on Northern Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems. 1999. V. 1. N. 4. P. 461-467. DOI:

Makarov V.N., Makarov M.V., Schoschina E.V. Seasonal dynamics of growth in the Barents sea seaweeds: endogenous and exogenous regulation // Botanica Marina. 1999 V. 42. N. 1, P. 43-49. DOI:

Makarov M.V., Voskoboinikov G.M. The Influence of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on Spore Release and Growth of the Kelp Laminaria saccharina. Botanica Marina. 2001. V. 44. P. 89-94. DOI:

Voskoboinikov G., M. Makarov, T. Maslova, O. Sherstneva The photosynthetic apparatus of Ulvaria obscura during the polar day and polar night // Phycologia. 2001. V. 40 (4) Supplement. P. 83.

Tropin I.V., Makarov M.V. The photosynthetic apparatus of the Barents Sea Fucales (Phaeophyta) after polar night. // International Journal on Algae. 2004. V. 6. N. 4. P. 341-354. DOI: 10.1615/InterJAlgae.v6.i4.40

Makarov M.V., Ryzhik I.V., Voskoboinikov G.M., Matishov G.G. Plate differentiation in Laminaria saccharina (L.) Lamour as an adaptation to long-term lack of illumination. // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2006. V. 409. P. 338-339.


Voskoboinikov G.M., Makarov M.V., Ryzhik I.V. Changes in the composition of photosynthetic pigments and cellular structure of the brown algae Fucus vesiculosus L. and F. serratus L. from the Barents sea during a prolonged period of darkness. // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. 2006. V. 32. N. 1. P. 20-27.


Makarov M.V., Ryzhyk I.V., Voskoboinikov G.M., Matishov G.G. The effect of water flow velocity on the morphological and physiological parameters of Fucus vesiculosus L. in the Barents sea. // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2007. V. 415. P. 302-303.


Makarov M.V., Ryzhik I.V., Voskoboinikov G.M., Matishov G.G. The effect of Fucus vesiculosus L. location in the depth on its morphophysiological parameters in the Barents Sea. // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2010. V. 430. P. 39-41.

DOI: 10.1134/S0012496610010138

Makarov M.V. Effect of the hydrostatic pressure on the vertical distribution of Laminaria saccharina (L.) Lamouroux in the Barents Sea. // Oceanology. 2011. V. 51. N. 3. P. 457-464.


Makarov M. V. Adaptation of the light_harvesting complex of the Barents Sea brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus L. to light conditions. // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2012. V. 442. P. 58-61. DOI: 10.1134/S0012496612010176

Makarov M.V., Voskoboinikov G.M. Effects of light and temperature on the Barents Sea macroalgae. // Berichte zur polar- und meeresforschung = Reports on polar and marine research. 2012. V. 640. P. 101-118. HDL:10013/epic.38666.d001

Makarov M.V., Ryzhik I.V., Voskoboinikov G.M. The effect of Fucus vesiculosus L. (Phaeophyceae) depth of vegetation in the Barents sea (Russia) on its morphophysiological parameters. // International Journal on Algae. 2013. V. 15. N. 1. P. 77-90.

DOI: 10.1615/InterJAlgae.v15.i1.60 

Employment in projects:

Fundamental research program of the Presidium RAS "Exploratory fundamental research for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation". Project "Biological resources of arctic seas of Russia: modern state, the influence of natural changes and anthropogenic effects, the scientific basis and perspectives of use» (2014-2017) - responsible executive.

Project «Complex ecosystem researches of the Russian Arctic seas as a basis of modern technologies of studying, exploration, preservation and development of the region» (2018-2020) - responsible executive.

Program "KolArctic". Project "Coastal Environment, Technology and Innovation in the Arctic (CETIA). Task 4. Algaе-based bioremediation" (2011 - 2014) - responsible executive.

Program of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian federation "Research and engineering on priority directions of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020". Project "Development and implementation of methods of ecological monitoring of bays and shores of the Barents sea and Arctic region, scenario modeling of emergency situations during transportation of petroleum products and radioactive waste and experimental technologies for the protection from contamination in the periglacial condition" (MEMO-PRO) (2016-2018) - responsible executive.


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